A Woman’s Boudoir – A Boudoir Photo Shoot

“It was a woman’s bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation.”


As much as I enjoy my man and all the things he does for me, I decided to gift myself a boudoir photo shoot. For the longest time I pondered over it and two years ago, I finally did it. I already had a clear vision of the type of photographs I wanted, so it was an easy choice for me in deciding which photographer to work with. As with all things that I choose to surround myself with, I wanted the images to be simple, timeless, elegant and with just enough provocativeness to not go overboard into a different genre of photographs.

Mostly, the women that decided to go ahead with getting boudoir photos done, was as a gift to their significant other. I almost felt silly that I was doing it for myself, but I wanted to somehow preserve my beauty in its current state, imperfections and all. I wanted photographs that I could retrieve from a dusty hat box that had long been forgotten, at the very back of the very top shelf of a closet and proudly admire myself in that one exclusively intimate moment of time.

To this day, I have only shared one photograph of the lot with my man and only I have had the pleasure of viewing the images. Even though I am QUITE n-e-r-v-o-u-s of this, I thought it time to finally share a few of these, in hopes that I will spark a thought in you. ALL women should have at the very least ONE boudoir photo worthy to have tucked away in a special place to marvel at, whenever the mood strikes. I think being a woman is such a magnificent thing and all women should be enamoured with themselves, wholly and completely – inside and out.  I advocate self love – love yourself before you love anyone else.

Although having a professional photographer is well worth it, I don’t believe it is completely necessary. All you need is a free afternoon or a slot of time where the natural lighting is just right, some patience, a decent camera, a second pair of hands or a tripod complete with a remote or even just a self-timer. Practice your poses in the mirror and figure out what angles are most flattering. There are so many good resources out there that you may refer to. It won’t be perfect, but just one good shot is all you need.

I for one, would not hesitate to go through the whole process again . . . what better way to spend an afternoon adorned in pretty underthings?

Madame of Elegance Boudoir Photo Shoot

Madame of Elegance Boudoir Photo Shoot

Madame of Elegance Boudoir Photo Shoot Madame of Elegance Boudoir Photo Shoot

Madame of Elegance Boudoir Photo Shoot

Madame of Elegance Boudoir Shoot

Until next time,

Madame [ Karen | Yen ]

P.S. – A few tips that I learnt while shooting: push the girls out by arching the small of your back and pop a hip for a more flattering and softer body shape. 

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