Madame of Elegance


M ost people call me Karen, a handful of close friends call me Yen. Yen (燕) is my Chinese name, pronounced in Mandarin and is the name of the Swallow bird. It is symbolic of Spring, feminine grace, beauty, happiness and good fortune. On the blog I write under the pseudonym of Madame, but you may address me as Karen, Yen or even just as Madame, whichever is best to your liking.

I am an introvert and so naturally find it easier to speak through written words. I stutter at times, struggling to find the right words to verbalize my thoughts and feelings. The funny thing is that up until the age of six, I was a chatter box and you would not be able to shut me up, no matter how hard you tried – I always had something to say. It’s not that I ran out of things to say or share, I think somewhere along the path,  I just couldn’t share them out loud. So, here I am ready to bare all that I am on Madame of Elegance.

I recently quit my job of a little over six years of which I studied for in school, obtained licenses and professional designations for (I went to school for finance and have my Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP®)). I came to realize that although the finance world was fascinating, the corporate world was not built for someone like me.  I was at my wits’ end, at the very limit of trying to bend myself this way and that way to fit into a mould of society’s creation. I could stretch no further. I could not wake up another day searching for joy elsewhere, after each tick of the second hand on the clock.

I established Madame of Elegance as a place I can come to discover who I am as a person, most importantly as a woman and in doing so hope to inspire others along the way. My blog name Madame of Elegance came about, as I aspire to become a woman who is elegant in all her doings. Blogging isn’t new to me, but this is the first time I feel like I will be writing truly for myself. Writing brings me joy. Writing allows me to build a world I can explore more deeply and be able to share when my lips part and my voice fails me.

Madame of Elegance is a lifestyle blog. It will have sprinklings of fashion, style, beauty, etiquette, mannerisms, personal reflection, recipes and any and all things that can be named under the sky that interests me and I can find beauty in. The idyllic life of a true Madame of Elegance is a a graceful woman who disperses beauty of all forms in all that she surrounds herself with and in return lives a full and rounded life of happiness.

Enough about me here as an introduction. I hope that you have been intrigued and will accompany me through this fantastical journey that has been a long time in the making.

Madame of Elegance

Mila- Madame of Elegance

Until next time,

Madame [ Karen | Yen ]

P.S. – What I’m wearing is a dress (although it’s looking quite like an undergarment here), paired with my mother’s vintage, wool trench coat. 

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